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Printmaking Courses and Workshops

Our Birmingham Printmaking Studio members offer a range of online and in studio printmaking and art classes. If you're looking to become a member we expect you to have attended at least one workshop at the studio so that you're familiar with our set up. Our studio workshops are popular with both beginners and experienced printmakers. We encourage you to explore your artistic bounds and have fun too. 

Courses and Workshops: Services
collagraph image.JPG

Introduction to Collagraph Printing 

Friday, 17th November 11:30am - 2:30pm and 

Saturday, 18th November 10am-4pm  £120.00

Using a mount board base, you will learn how to use drypoint techniques to create dynamic marks, apply textures and mediums, and remove thin layers. All of these methods create areas of varied tone - areas of light and shade. Collagraph printing lends itself to landscape images, patterns or abstract design and you will learn intaglio aswell as relief printing techniques.

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Introduction to Screen Printing Workshop

Saturday, December 2nd      £80.00    10am-4pm  

Perfect for beginners or people in need of a refresher course. Attendeeswill learn every aspect of the screen printing process, from preparing yourartwork & creating your screens, to mixing your inks, setting up the screenprinting bed, & pulling your very own prints, before cleaning & reclaimingyour screens. At the end of the workshop you will have your own set of prints, a newlylearnt skill and the option to become a member of Birmingham Printmakers.

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Introduction to Screen Printing on Paper

Saturday, October 7th               £80.00    10am-4pm

Spend a day learning this colourful technique and create your own original silk screen prints on paper. This is a hands on practical workshop and you will be learning to screen print your own artwork. You will learn how to make a photo-stencil by coating a silk screen with light sensitive photo-emulsion. Next you will expose your own A4 black and
white image, illustration or design onto the silk screen using a UV exposure unit before washing out the image to create a photo-stencil. You will also use a vacuum screen bed and learn how to register two different layers of colour. By the end of the workshop you will have hand pulled a small edition of about ten screen prints on paper using a silk screen, squeegee and colourful water based inks.
Please note we will be working with existing images so you will need to have an A4 size black and white image, illustration or design which is suitable for screen printing. All other equipment and materials will be provided including cartridge paper and a range of different coloured screen printing inks for paper. This workshop does not cover screen
printing on fabric.
This workshop is suitable for beginners and people wanting to refresh their skills.

Please remember to state which workshop and which date you are e-mailing about.

Intro to linoprint wporkshop JP.JPG

Introduction to Lino Print

Saturday, November 4th     £80.00    10am-4pm  

This workshop is aimed at beginners or those who wish to refresh their skills. Participants will explore mark making and safe use of lino cut tools on a small sample of lino, developing an understanding of positive and negative space. We will then work on an A5 lino plate to produce a single colour and possibly a two colour print. Time permitting. You will use hand burnishing to create the print, and also try out our presses, both of which produce excellent results. You will learn about printing inks, rollers and printing papers. 

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