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Birmingham Print Studio Members

We are a thriving print making studio in the heart of Birmingham. We offer our membership to experienced printmakers who are looking to develop their practice and do so on a limited basis. We select our members based on their experience and ask all potential new members to supply recent (with the last 12 months) examples of their work. All our members are selected on this basis, as we encourage membership from artists who have worked in a shared printmaking facility. Our members are all aware of studio health and safety and the responsibilities of maintaining shared equipment so that others may also enjoy a clean and safe working environment. 

As well our 60 artist members, we also have a printmaking technician at the studio available to help with any queries or technical help that our members may need. As an artist run studio, Birmingham Print Makers is managed by a volunteer committee group, that any member is welcome to join to help with the administration of the studio. 

What we offer our members 

We offer our members 24/7 access to the studio and the chance to exhibit as group throughout the year. Our experienced printmaking members enjoy access to the following facilities available at the studio:

  •  – A U.V. exposure unit size approx. 100 x 80cm
  • Two hand operated screen printing beds for printing onto paper
  • A Bewick and Wilson press bed size approx. 120 x 60cm
  • A Tofko Norup etching & litho press bed size approx. 135 x 78 cm
  • An Albion press bed size approx. 40 x 55cm
  • A stone lithography press, a 25 x 37cm pin press
  • A portable printing press 40 x 23 cm 
  • Three Adana letter presses.

Applying to become a member at Birmingham Print Studios

Each year we accept a limited number of applications for people to join the print studio. The cost of membership is £24 per month, £40 for a mandatory induction before being able to access the studio and a key deposit of £20. We insist that all potential new members have recent printmaking experience within a shared print studio (within the last 12 months). We have the right to refuse membership on this basis and we may ask you to attend one of our workshops or courses before re-submitting your application.

As this is shared facility, membership can not be used for commercial enterprises that include editions for other artists or mass productions of works for business clients. If you need t

Membership Enquiries

Please email us about your interest in joining Birmingham Printmakers. We have spaces available for a limited number of new members each year and welcome enquiries from experienced printmakers. 

If you would like to join, but haven’t had any recent printmaking experience please take part in one of our courses or workshops at the studio. 




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