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Category: Tim Southall


I am a painter / printmaker, working in oils on canvas and paper, etching and silkscreen Most of my work is made at my studio in southern Spain. The London Print Studio and Birmingham Printmakers are my points of contact when in England. I am a graduate of Northumbria University and the Royal College of art.


As a figurative artist, I make work that is a response to the world, looking at life with an interest in landscape, both urban and rural. From initial sketches and thoughts, my ideas then spread out into whatever medium seems best to transform them into a piece of art. All of my work is informed by drawing and a strong use of composition.


In my paintings I am concerned with colour, fluidity and the vibrancy of the brush as expressed through the landscape. In screenprint, with its process of colour separation, I take the opportunity to make more graphic work. Finally to etching, where I use the medium in a highly  technical and traditional way, also exploring my interests in history, satire, portraiture and other traditional artistic narratives.


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